Saturday, March 03, 2012

Secret prize code: for your eyes only

I'm really enjoying getting my etsy shop up and running (even if no one comes to visit me - pouts).

Coming to the realization that I have way more yarn related items than I could possibly use in my lifetime, has actually given me a new lease on yarn. I'm going through some of my best fibre and hand spun and putting it up for sale. Re wind the yarn, double checking I have the correct length. Washing fibre. Making labels. All this fills me with new motivation to get spinning again!

So I'm both encouraged and sad to put my hard work up for sale. (between you and me, I think I'll cry if someone ever buys this ultra fine lace weight Sheltand 2 ply yarn. But I'll get over it - I know how to make more!)

And now for the secrete sale code I promised you about.

If you make a purchase from my etsy shop in this month (March 2012) and include in the comment field one of the magic words below, I will include one either:

IWANTYARN032012 -One random oz of hand spun yarn, natural colours - may be all the same yarn, or a variety.


IWANTSURIFIBRE032012 - one oz of Suri alpaca fibre (as seen here) from my beautiful fibre boy Major Brown

This prize is only for you special blog readers (and anyone you tell end up telling about it). Only one per purchase. Expires the end of this month. Must enter code at checkout.

At the very least, I hope some of you pop by and see what I've put up for sale. Any questions, please let me know.

And now I'm off wash and pick some more suri fibre! I might even get the combs out!

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