Monday, March 26, 2012

My First Zine, one of many.

For those who are interested, I'm trying twitter out for a few days. I'm not convinced it's adding anything of value to the vast cannon of junk that is the internet, but I do enjoy the Haiku style of writing that cramming a whole idea into 140 characters inspires.

My First booklet/zine/whatever - I'm not really sure what to call it - is almost complete.

I finally finished bashing my head against my printer and got it to listen to me. Then I cut up an old paper bag to use for a cover, typed on the bag some stuff, and bound the booklet/zine/whatever with some handspun yarn.

What would you call it? Each booklet is 16 pages of how to... and each booklet is unique in that I've bound them with whatever random handspun yarn I have on hand and used the typewriter to produce the cover (errors and all). It's sort-of household management instructional meets art project. But not as artsy as most zines I see for sale on etsy.

As soon as I can stop myself from taking photos of my new toy, I'll take some pictures and put the zine/booklet/whatever for sale on my etsy shop.

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Josiane said...

I've cheered the existence of your zine on Twitter already, but I can't resist doing it once more here... Hooray! I love knowing that such a cool thing is now out into the world!