Wednesday, March 21, 2012

zombies don't like onion skin yarn as much as they like cauliflower

You know what I think? Zombies on tv and in books are quite comical. However, when they are actually happening at you, zombies can be terrifying and strangely mesmerizing. I had the hardest time waking up from that dream this morning. I don't even remember the details except that someone was serving zombie meat on a cruise ship because they ran out of pork, thus turning all the cruise ship guests into pseudo-zombies. But thankfully I decided to go vegan just moments before dinner for no apparent reason.

I'm not even sure I know what a pseudo-zombie is, but it was just as scary as a real zombie.

That's dreams for you.

Some spinning:

This is spun from some wool I dyed with onion skins long, long ago. I knit some socks with the first batch of yarn, but had lots of roving left. So this week I spun it up just the same as before and presto. Now there is new yarn for sale in my shop.

The mystery project is at a bit of a stand still. I can't decided on what I want to power with my system so I don't know what battery to look for. I'm really tempted to put a standard 110V AC plug on it, but what kind of battery can provide that kind of power?

One other project that I'm working on right now has hit a snag. The snag is called open office. Did I have this much trouble telling MS Office to do what I wanted? I wrote some stuff, and now I want to print it as a booklet. You know, where you have an A4 paper and turn it on it's side and fold it in half, put a staple through it. That kind of booklet. It doesn't seem that hard...until you try and figure out the page order. I even tried using templates (that didn't work well at all!).

La Sigh. My office software and I are not speaking at the moment.

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Josiane said...

Sounds like your dream self had chosen the perfect time to go vegan! And it's a good thing zombies don't like onion skin yarn all that much; I'm not sure I'd be able to have the higher hand in a fight with zombies over your lovely yarn...
I hope you'll soon find a way to get OpenOffice to do what you want. It's no fun to be stuck on a project because of a software's quirks.