Wednesday, March 14, 2012

seeking person with knowledge about electrical things

Seeking person to help me design a project and coax (coach - stupid spell check) me on how to build it.

It involves transforming motor into generator to power a battery. Also adding solar panels to power same battery. And putting a plug so the battery can power something - a lamp being the lowest user and possibly a kettle or toaster oven for the higher user.

Hoping to make this with as many reclaimed materials as possible, to cut down on cost and environmental impact - so I need to know where to salvage and when safety dictates I need a new one.

I have basic electrical knowledge (aka, I know there are electrons and magnets and to disconnect the power source before soldering or tinkering with other things. I can also follow a diagram and use those little cap things to attach wires together).

I just need someone to help with the design, to figure out what other parts I need and to coax (coach - I sear my spell check is getting stupider by the day) through any assembling troubles.

Will pay in fibre and/or yarn.

I've lost everyone's emails addresses this winter, so if you are someone I know, please either email me or give me your address again. Thank you.

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Josiane said...

Great project! I wish I could help - or, at least, knew someone who could... Good luck finding the right person to help you make it happen!