Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crowing Hen Guide to Household Management Subscription

Here's an idea I've been playing with.

It says, The Crowing Hen Guide to Household Management, 6 Month Subscription.

It would be a once a month, overly opinionated and often informative, zine about various topics to do with household management, including the traditional kitchen garden.

Inspired by Mrs. Beeton, topics would range from methods of composting, to how to hand wash delicate fabrics, to what are the most important tools to keep in your kitchen, or whatever I feel like writing about that month. I even take requests, but don't make any promises that I will actually write about it.

Each zine will be unique, hand bound by me using at least some upcycled materials (aka, whatever I have on hand that I don't want to spend money on) like cut-up paper bag for a cover.

I have no doubt they will include my terrible line drawings, and/or other art, however, the main body of the zine will be text. The size of each zine will vary depending on how much opinion I have on the topic.

The biggest advantages to doing this would be to encourage me to write, not just more, but more carefully. And to spend a decent amount of time editing what I write. Maybe I will stop telling random people I meat at the post office how best to use a cast iron pan.

The disadvantage is that it will make me write more. I'll be tied to a schedule, albeit not a difficult one.

So what do you think? Go for it or step away from the typewriter and get a life already?

ps. this idea was inspired by the many, many, MANY, hours I've spent teaching cleaning ladies how to clean with natural products. I can promise that I would write about this in great length with recipes for making your own affordable, nature friendly, health imbibing household cleansers.


Josiane said...

I've just seen on Twitter that you went ahead with your idea - and the listing is already on Etsy! I love how fast you move your ideas and projects forward. That's very inspiring to me.
And yes, I do think that the 6 months subscription idea is great! Also, I would be totally interested in your recipes for natural cleaners. Though I do clean with homemade cleaning products, I'm always interested in expanding my repertoire of recipes. And I know a lot of people who would be interested in that topic too: it seems that there's almost always someone around me asking about this...

raven said...
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Household Management said...

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