Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to grow plants... First of the Crowing Hen Guides to Household Management

It's finished!

I'm so pleased and it turned out far better than I expected.

I rather like writing zines. They are like an overly opinionated version of my blog, but longer and with drawings.

Usually, I try to limit my blog entries to 800 words. It's not easy, but 800 words tends to be sufficient to convey one compete idea. It's not enough for tutorials, and I quite like writing tutorials. A zine can have a great deal more words which gives me the freedom I need to go into more detail.

I also have a rather in-depth obsession with household management topics. Lately one of the provincial maid service providers asked me to write about cleaning with natural products. I didn't think they expected it to be so long.

When writing it, I realized (or possibly remembered) how easy it is to write about something I'm passionate about.

I see more zines in my future. In fact, I'm over half way finished the text for one about hand washing fabric, yarn and stuff. I didn't get much sleep last night.

For my first zine, Growing Plants from Scrap, I deliberately choose a subject that isn't too opinionated. I wanted to get my toes wet without stepping on anyone else's. I can't make that promise in the future.

Looking at all the other lovely zines online, I am reminded of Elizabeth Zimmerman and the knitting newsletter she use to produce. Elizabeth Zimmerman, that patron saint of knitting in the round, please guide my fingers as they fly across my keyboard and help me reach people in need of household management advice.

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Josiane said...

I love the topic you've chosen for your first zine! This is a terrific idea! I'll definitely treat myself to a copy of your zine. :)