Saturday, April 21, 2012

2012 goals and dreams

My goals - my crafting, fibre arts goals  that is - for the rest of this year look like this at the moment.


  • polish my etsy shop (especially banner, feel of shop, policies and profile).  Get it established so that it can just sort of continue on at a moderate pace.
  • Wash and process fibre like mad.  Maybe acquire a few more fleeces if something special comes along, but otherwise work through my stash.
  • Mostly work on the farm
  • Participate in the Tour de Fleece
  • Try and find some people for an indigo-a-long, either online or here in town.  Really want to dye with indigo, but nervous about doing it on my own.
  • Play with some natural dyeing - whatever plants and such I can find around the farm.
  • Wash fleece like never before.  Fleece dries quickly in the warm weather.
  • Spin like a mad woman
  • Spin yarns to sell in the local fibre arts shop: Knotty by Nature.
  • Participate in Fibrations
  • re-join the local Handweaving and handspinning guild, I let my membership lax due to health issues this year.
  • Learn to use my knitting machine!
  • spin away those long winter nights.

All this is subject to change of course.  What are your fibre goals for this year?


Josiane said...

Nice plan!
Although I have no specific goals for this year, I'd like to play a little more with fibre than I did in the past few years. Finish some projects, get some others out of my head and on the needles, do some spinning, and maybe some felting too. But this is all pretty vague, and is sadly not a priority at the moment. My business projects have to take priority, and those take quite a lot of my time and energy.

Anonymous said...

Goal: Teach R. to use a knitting machine. O. B. One