Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tea is good

Spent most of the last three days in bed (don't ask) with a good book and lots of tea.

Although it's nice to get a bit of rest, it's also right at the busy time on the farm. The weeds are growing like stink, and I have no end of seeds wanting to go in the ground, and the poor old chickens need mucking out. Have a little bit more of the garden left to dig, and here I am frustrated that my body won't respond to the pain pills.

I figure I will probably feel just as bad doing nothing in bed as pottering around, so I've been preparing some more yarn for the shop. Here's a teaser:

Did you read the label that talked about handpun thread? I spun that up about two years ago for embroidery. Only I didn't realize how small amount you need to decorate a hot water bottle cosy. It's gorgeous, but I don't see myself using it any time soon. I can always make more if I really want some, so I'll stick it in the shop just as soon as I get some proper photos.

Next job is to start writing the text for May's Crowing Hen Guide to Household Management. Thinking of writing an opinionated survey on different methods of small scale composting, how do to them, what kind of lifestyle each one is suited for, pros/cons of each method. Either that or a booklet on how to clean floors properly without chemicals. Any requests?

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Josiane said...

I hope you'll feel better soon.