Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yarn Goodies!

New goodies for the shop are finally here:

Beautiful silver grey Romney blended with silk.  Slightly textured handspun lace yarn, has a smooth, sensual texture.

Sock weight, superwash marino.  Fibre was originally dyed by Knitted to a T (who's blog address I've lost somewhere along the way)

And this stunning, hand spun silk thread.

Haven't been able to do much online lately.  But at least I'm starting to turn the corner with this latest setback.  Might take a break from posting new items on my shop and do some sewing just for me.

On an entirely unrelated topic: anyone know the ratio of fresh stinging nettles to wool and if it needs a mordant for the colour to take?

1 comment:

Josiane said...

They're so pretty, all of them! I especially like the silver grey Romney: it's gorgeous! I have no trouble imagining it has a wonderful texture, too.