Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yurt is cool, however...

...I'm not convinced it would be so much worse in the house with the fumes than staying up all night in the yurt playing 'guess that noise'.

The frogs I like, there are so many of them croaking away that it sounds like one beautiful background music - albeit a very loud one.

The owls are okay, whot, whoooot, whoot. I don't mind them.

The dogs are far away.

That high squeaky noise, like a rusty swing, well, that's bats. They are good except for the rabies.

Neigh, that's the neighbour's horses.

There are sheep somewhere near by, and possibly a cow.

But worst of all are when the deafening chorus of frogs suddenly stop and the world goes deathly silent. A slight wind creaks against the yurt, and not so far away an animals ye-owe-els. There aren't any good options. It is too big for a cat. Too feline for a dog. Could it be a raccoon in heat? I think they usually hiss, and besides, the sound has too much depth to it for such a small critter.

The only real possibility is a cougar, not very far away, muttering to itself.

It might just be the tiredness speaking, but outside alone in the yurt, all by myself with nothing but a flashlight and a sword for company: first night is a dismal failure.

It may be comfortable and very, very cool; but I'm not happy about being out in the cold when my bedroom is within sight. Feeling very woe-is-me right now and a little bit bitter towards the lack of sympathy I've had from a certain family member (who does not read this blog so I'm just venting right now) who seems to think I'm acting like some little kid that wants to camp out in the back yard.

Sorry about that. I'm sure the yurt experience will improve as I get use to it. It's 3am and I just needed to come in the house for a few moments and warm up. Back to 'happy' self when sleep happens.


snowy said...

Ah ha, I remember this feeling when I tried to cycle alone cross country to Montpellier.(I managed 10 days...) I found ear plugs were great, and a mild sleeping tablet. After all, it's not the being mauled that keeps you awake, it's the anticipation.
Otherwise an iPod or something similar?
Unsympathetic family members, :P beurk!

Josiane said...

That reminds me of the first few nights into this house when we moved in: every little noise was amplified by the silence, and until we got used to this house's noises, we kept getting up to see what was happening. Of course, we never had to wonder if a given noise meant that there was a cougar nearby... that brings the "guess that noise" game to a whole new level!
After all those years, a certain family member still thinks you're making this all up? Yikes! That must be extremely frustrating.
I hope the coming nights will be warmer and quieter.