Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Washing delicate fabrics - Second instalment of the Crowing Hen Guides to Household Management

I've completed the text for my second issue of the Crowing Hen Guides to Household Management: Cleaning Delicate Fabrics. Next job is to print it up, type up the cover on my trusty typewriter, and to do a bit of sewing for the fabric swatches. You didn't think I would just be including text and line drawings, did you?

What I like to do is to make each one a little bit different. I do this by hand making the cover, doodling something different on each one, adding fabric scraps, &c. I wonder if I can sew fabric directly onto paper?

Topics I'm in the mood to write about for next month include:
  • How to clean your floor,
  • An opinionated look at different methods for composting,
  • How to get on with your rooster.
  • Or I could write about something else
Any of these catch your fancy? Taking requests, but I don't necessarily promise to give them back.

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Josiane said...

Including fabric swatches is a brilliant idea!