Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to design an etsy shop banner - the quest continues

The great etsy shop banner quest is more of a challenge that it first seems.

Last time I talked about the banner, I came to realize more of what I wanted it to represent.  You guys had some awesome ideas.  Thank you everyone.

So here is where I'm at with the banner now.  I could really do with some more opinions, if you have a moment.  Please let me know what you think.

Current banner (Big thank you to Jennie for getting me started with this - she makes great bags, you could even put knitting in them, but it would have to be extra special knitting, the bags are beautiful):

My attempt to improve banner:

Another take on the banner by Sara (Another person with mad sewing machine skills. I feel like I spend half this blog talking about people who are more creative than me, but then again, I do try to share what inspires me, and seeing such wonderful creations really do help me feel inspired about life)

What I like best about this is the new goose!  He's got such spirit and livelyness (spellcheck says that putting 'ness' on the end of 'lively' is not a word...but I couldn't think of a better word for how this goose makes me feel, so we are just going to have to ignore spellcheck today.)

Another thing I really like about this is it has a better sense of balance.  I also really like the background, how it's textured and just slightly off white.

What I wonder, is if the word 'geese' is easy to read for first time viewers that don't know what it says already?  I have to admit that my brain is a bit unusual (you already noticed, eh?) and it has a devil of a time trying to read non-standard fonts.  But I'm in the minority, so can you let me know if this is clear to you.  It would really help me out.

So, what do you think?  Am I there yet, or shall I keep on working on it?  

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Alladania said...

I like 'geese' woven into the path, but I had trouble making out the word also. Is there any way to start it with a 'G' instead of 'g' - maybe that would help?

The new bird is cute, but I don't see 'goose' when I look at it. Can you add some of the black markings to the head?