Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Williams Antique Sewing Machine - Needle

A while back I acquired a New Williams sewing machine, circa 1884-85.  

I took it apart, cleaned it (photos currently MIA) and got it almost ready to sew again.  Problem is, I only have one needle and the local sewing machine repair shop, usually so good at finding parts for me, cannot get me any new needles.

While looking for parts for another machine, I came across this list of needles on the ISMACS page.

ISMACS Needle List

There's more on their page, so if you don't see what you need here, follow the link and have a look.  It's well worth spending a few hours bumming around their site if you are interested in Vintage and Antique sewing machines.  They are THE main source of information on the topic.

Right away I could see that GG looks just like the needle I have.  What do you know?  That's what the list says I need... now, the new quest begins: Where to find more vintage sewing machine needles for my Antique New Williams Sewing Machine?


Household Management said...

The Machine is very important for any house.Thanks

Manni said...

I got a machine like that. it uses a boye #8 needle. There are some on ebay for sale, but they are not cheap.