Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vintage Brother Sewing Machine Galaxie 221A - Taking it all apart to get at the broken cogs.

Decided now that the machine is useless unless these two broken cogs and broken cam can be repaired.  Of course they are the only plastic bits in the whole machine, and burred deep within the guts.  So it's time to take my Vintage Brother apart.

If I can get the bits out, I can either find a machinist who could make a new one out of metal (Hopefully not too expensive) or get some hard plastic, a mask and a lot of effort and make one myself.  

Taking the machine apart isn't that difficult a job.  The thing that takes the time is documenting where everything goes, what order it came out, keeping the screws in the right spots, &c.  If I didn't plan on putting it back together again, I could have this thing in pieces in 20 minutes.

Now this is where I need help.

I need to get this plastic cam off this main horizontal shaft here.  How?

Any advice on how to do this?


Angie said...

Hello! I don't have any advice that I haven't already posted to you on Ravelry, I just wanted to say hi, because I ran across your blog during a completely unrelated Google-hop and recognized your username/blog name :)

Sherrianne said...

Thank you for this post. It saved me a lot of time as my machine has the same fatal flaw.
I'd like to write about it on my blog and I wondered if you mind if I link to your blog. Your post explains the issue better than I ever could.
I collect sewing treasures and sometimes I find time to write about them. If you're interested to see: