Thursday, April 19, 2012

If there isn't a word for it, there should be.

I think there is a word for what I feel when I see these pretty things.  I'm not sure if the word is in English or not, or maybe I dreamt that there is a word to capture this feeling.  If it was just a dream, then there needs to be word for it (something with 'yarn' in it).

The feeling is: Serge of joy at seeing beautiful item that inspires the heart.  Such gladness that my humble efforts can have a new life at pretty things.  Very slight envy that I no longer have the ability in my hands to make lovely creations from yarn, but quickly overcome with more joy that someone else does.

Big thank you to Alladania for letting me use her photos.

1 comment:

Josiane said...

I feel happy knowing that you get to experience such joy at seeing what other people create using your yarn. The feeling you describe sounds delightful - enjoy!