Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wild Carder at Knotty by Nature.

Got a chance to go to my favourite Fibre Arts Store EVER! (notice the capital letters increase as enthusiasm mounts?) Knotty by Nature is owned and run by people who have similar values to myself. They understand the importance of making things by hand. They value local community and the environment. They sell quality supplies from around the world, but also ensure a nice selection of locally produced supplies and locally hand made finished objects.

At knotty, every stage of a craft is available to you. A crochet hat. Some yarn, pattern and crochet hook. Learn how to crochet book. Prepared fibre for spinning your own yarn. Or for the most adventurous: raw fleece, dye stuff, spinning wheel, crochet hook, pattern, and inspiration.

They moved locations a few months back - actually longer than that - and I haven't had much of a chance to look around.

I didn't have much time today, but I did manage a few minutes to stop by and pick up a new drum carder. Finally sold enough yarn lately to afford the Ashford Wild Carder. It is worlds better than my rusty old carder that we found at the back of a garden shed and someone gave to us free and my dad fixed up for me, and although it works well with regular wool, it won't card alpaca as it needs new carding cloth - carder. New Ashford carder just eats up alpaca.

I guess this means I have to spin more yarn now.

Wish I had brought my camera with me and taken loads of shots of the store, but as things have been crazy lately, I'm lucky enough to remember to take a sewing machine with me for consignment - fixed up an old vintage Hudson Bay electric sewing machine. It's from the late 40s to mid 1950s and designed after what was (and still is) Singers most popular model: the Singer 15. It's really beautiful - meant to take photos of that for you too... what are you going to do with me?

Send me right back to the shop with camera in hand!?! That would be a suitable punishment.

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Josiane said...

That would be a very enjoyable punishment! I'm looking forward to the day I'll go back to your corner of the world, and we can hang out at Knotty by Nature again!