Friday, April 13, 2012

Trampled by Geese

Contemplating changing my online name from Trampled by Geese to ....?

Advantages of Trampled by Geese
  • I've had the name so long that it's somewhat known among yarn people
  • it's a good reminder to me to be more positive online
  • it's unusual
  • ties in with the natural/farming theme in my life
  • it's sort of memorable
  • it's universal - not subject specific
Disadvantages of Trampled by Geese
  • it's unusual - and therefore difficult to remember
  • It's too universal - does not say one specific subject
  • it's not readily understandable - you have to read the profile to find out why I have it
  • has a slightly negative connotation unless you know why I've chosen it - word 'trampled' is a negative word.
  • Kind of boring to stick with one name for so long.
I'm still playing with the idea of changing name. It's probably no more than a passing fancy. I think it would be more hassle than it's worth.

The reason why I started thinking about the idea is that I wanted to buy a stamp with my shop logo on it, but then I began thinking of goose on bicycle... that's a bit unusual and possibly (due entirely to my inability to draw, I'm sure) difficult to understand unless you already know me.

I want to make things simpler for people who don't know me. First impression kind of stuff. I know I look at other peoples banners and profile pics &c. and I have the hardest time understanding what the pictures are suppose to be about - to the point where I get frustrated and wonder off somewhere else. I know this is a particular function of my brain, and most people seem able to understand jumbles of pictures like snell. But I think it would be a good reflection of my personality to make the pictures simple but telling a story.

So, in order to get a stamp, I need a new logo/banner/profile pic. In order to get one of those, I need someone who can design/draw/interpret the feel I'm trying to achieve in exchange for handspun yarn. But before I do that, I need to be confident that Trampled by Geese is the name for me.

But what if it isn't?
What name would I choose to replace it?

Well, I'm writing my zine under Crowing Hen guides... so Crowing Hen would be a choice. I like the sound of it, it's simple, my hen has been crowing like mad the last three days (all the earthquakes). But Crowing Hen has the same advantages and disadvantages of Trampled by Geese.... only TbG is better established.

What are your thoughts?


snowy said...

It was the name that made me click on the link, I wanted to know more.

Josiane said...

That's not an easy question, isn't it? I agree with your list of pros and cons. True, it's not obvious for people who are just discovering you what Trampled by Geese is about. As long as the right people get curious enough to check out your profile, it might be ok, because then they'd connect with yet another part of your story (the reason why you've chosen that name). But yeah, you have to rely on their curiosity; they have to connect with what they've seen enough to want to know more...
It's been done before, though. For example, Tara Swiger totally rocked Blonde Chicken Boutique, and nothing about that name says "handspun yarn" either.
Good luck with that decision.

Noelle said...

For what it's worth, I love 'Trampled by Geese'. It sticks in my head and makes me smile, especially when I see the goose riding a bicycle.