Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Second night in a yurt

Second night in the yurt went better. I think I might be able to get use to this.

Now thinking about getting a yurt of my own. I'm very fond of the Mongolian Yurts as they have many layers of cloth and wooden doors. I imagine it would feel very cosy and secure in there. They also look fantastic.

I could have my own yurt, it would be like having my own sanctuary. I could be like a snail, with my own portable home if I ever needed it.

This would be the yurt for me. It's a 3-walled (12' across) yurt, which is the same size as the one I'm borrowing from OB1. It's big enough to live in but not so big it would be a bother to heat. I like how many layers of cloth it has around the frame. I think I would invest in the 4th rain proof layer given the tenancy towards rain in these parts.

Looking at the price, however, makes me realize how much more yarn I'm going to need to sell. Wow. And these are the affordable yurts. Still, it's a good goal. It would make things much easier in my life. Wonder if I can save up enough by next summer?


Josiane said...

I'm so glad to read that the second night went better!
The Groovy Yurts seem fantastic. Having your own yurt would be great! I wholeheartedly support that goal, and I wish that it will come true by next summer.

Noelle said...

The yurt doesn't quite look like I expected, but if I were tent camping, it would be awesome!